Deathly Still (Unlife Book 1) - Elizabeth A. Reeves
I'm not entirely sure that this book deserves a review or the one star I was forced to give it. There was no real plot until like 75%. Even then, the "villain" was so freaking mild, he may as well have just ended himself. A few points that really stuck out to me:
- I couldn't keep anyone's name straight, because they are basically one character. No one was special in any way.
- There was zero chemistry between Thanatos and What's Her Name. Even when the author specifically SAID THERE WAS CHEMISTRY. None. When an author has to write it out, you know there is none to be found.
- There was so little description that I actually forgot that Gertie was a dragon. Like how to do you forget that something is A DRAGON? 
- ^ To be fair about this point, it took me an ungodly amount of time to read what amounted to less than 200 pages.
- And when there were descriptions, they were just plain dumb. For example, how does one "mutter wildly". I seriously lol'ed at that. 

What a waste of time.
All that being said, I am going to give this author another try. This was one of her first books and definitely the shortest.