Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Book 1 - Em Eldridge, Nikki Jefford, Nikki Jefford

Title: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter
Series: Aurora Sky
Author: Nikki Jefford
Pages: 256
Source: Kindle Freebie
Format: Kindle

- Um, the grammar was okay, I guess

- The plot, the characters, the setting. Everything.
- Didn't buy the romance. Not even a little. It was shallow and horrible. Nope.
- Aurora so so whiney. If they could have picked a worse vampire hunter, it would have been a miracle. She's ungrateful that they saved her. Even if she didn't want to work for them, she should at least be thankful for that much. She's rude and wants everything her way. Couldn't stand her.
- I'm not even sure what the plot was meant to be. It didn't go anywhere. Did she kill a few vampires? Yes, but to what end? Nothing was achieved.
- Her mother was so obnoxiously absent. She didn't care that her daughter was now supposed to be killing these monsters. Didn't care that Dante is just whisking her off to who knows where. She buried her head in the sand. She acts all mad that her daughter has a "dangerous-looking boyfriend" but thinks nothing of her going off to hunt blood-sucking monsters. And she just takes these stranger's word for it that her daughter can do it. Worst part of the book