Day 1: Your fave book.- Sorcerer's Stone
Day 2: Your fave movie. - Meh, it's been a while
Day 3: Is there any of the films adaptations that have made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the book. - See answer 2
Day 4: Least fave female character and why. - Luna- She just irritates me.
Day 5: Fave male character and why. - Fred or George, because they are freaking hilarious
Day 6: What house would you want to be in. - Pottermore says Slytherin
Day 7: Fave female character and why. - Mrs. Weasley, because she's an awesome mom.
Day 8: What do you think would be your fave lesson. - Charms
Day 9: Least fave male character. - Filch
Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows. Hallows- way more powerful
Day 11: What character would you say you are most like. - Hermione
Day 12: Fave ship.(relationship, eg - Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny etc) I always shipped Harry/Hermione
Day 13: Least fave movie. See answer 2
Day 14: Team Voldemort or Team harry. - Harry, of course!
Day 15: Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts. (three only) Hermione, Neville, Harry
Day 16: Fave professor - Snape
Day 17: Are you excited about The Deathly Hallows movie or scared it won’t do the book justice. ???
Day 18: Least fave book. Half-Blood Prince
Day 19: Do you prefer the books or films. - Books, of course
Day 20: If you had to meet one member of the cast, who would it be. - Emma Watson
Day 21: Out of all the characters that died, if you could bring one back, who would it be. George
Day 22: Pick a favourite quote from any of the books/films - "Always" so cliche but I love it
Day 23: Any part of the books/movies that makes you cry. - Dobby dying!
Day 24: Any particular scene you wished would have been put in the movie but it wasn’t.- ??
Day 25: Nineteen years later. Are you happy how it turned out, or do you wish something was different, ie Neville married Luna. Harry + Hermione! Oh, and George would have lived.
Day 26: If you could be able to work one spell without a wand what would it be. Expeliarmus
Day 27: Would you rather own The Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone or The Elder Wand.- Elder Wand
Day 28: Do you listen to Wizard Wrock, what do you think about it. Nope
Day 29: Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical. Nope, I don't do musicals
Day 30: What affect has Harry Potter made on your life and how much does it mean to you- It's the book I go to when I'm sad/angry/bored/anything but happy, then when I'm happy too. It's my Plan A Escape