Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper


Title: Tangled Tides
Author: Karen Amanda Hooper
Series: Sea Monsters Saga



- Really didn't feel any chemistry between any of the characters (esp Treygan and Yara). It felt rushed and I don't get why she really liked him. Not even liked, she was ready to jump in and dash her existence to pieces for him. It just wasn't there for me. There was no growth.
- Too many tropes for me. Girls find out she is something special after being average. One "good" guy and one "bad" guy. Everyone fawning over her. Everyone wanting to protect her. No. Just no.
- Yara really just wasn't that likable. I didn't feel a darn thing for her.
- The coloring coding came off a bit juvenile.



- She did care about her uncle Lloyd and took care of him as best she could.
- She sacrificed a lot (but got quite a bit out of the deal as well).
- The overall plot of their world being shut off to them was pretty unique.