Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins

Title: Mockingjay

Author: Suzanne Collins

Format: Paperback



I can't be the only person who thought the characters just didn't seem themselves in this last installment. At lease Peeta had an excuse. The fight seemed to have left Katniss, and I can't really fault the character for that. She'd been through Hell. I'd just hoped she'd get a little bit of spunk. Or at least, personality. I was disappointed with the portrayals of both Haymitch and Gale. I just lost all sympathy that I'd mustered up for him, and I'm pretty sure his back story was supposed to do the complete opposite. The end killed Gale's story for me. I hated that he never went through the Games. Only set out for revenge, yet got a pretty decent happily ever after. I think my favorite character was Joanna. She felt the most real to me. I love that she was weak at all the right places, but never gave up. I think she would have been a better Mockingjay. Honestly, I found myself liking Snow by the end. At least he was honest with Katniss, which is something that hardly anyone else achieved. Also, he was more honest about his intentions. He wanted to rule. Coin was too sneaky. I just didn't appreciate her. She just didn't have much purpose. Plutarch could have easily taken his character and hers combined. 



Another mixed review here. The ending (with regards to Panem in general) was fairly satisfying. Both Coin and Snow got what they deserved, I felt. Still, it felt choppy to me. The first half was rather tedious, and the second half was all action. I would have liked it to be a little more balanced. That said, I think the action sequences were very well done and detailed.



Most the themes remain from the first two books. Survival and Governmental Control, etc.

Honesty: There was more lying, hiding, and backstabbing in this one, I think. Katniss was surrounded by it. Peeta was, of course, the most abused on this front. Even at the end, decades later, he wasn't sure what was and wasn't true.

Hope: Probably the single biggest factor here. It's what kept everyone going. Katniss. Gale. Coin. Everyone. It wasn't always the most pure form of hope, but it was all they had for a chunk of the book.



I have a lot of complaints about the way this trilogy ended. However, I gave it four stars for the writing. I think Katniss showed more emotion here (mostly due to the state of Peeta) than the first two books combined. Also, when there was action, it was very well done.