The Star-Touched Queen - Roshani Chokshi

Star Touched Queen

Roshani Chokski

3 Stars

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I don't even know what to say about this book. Honestly.
I really liked the beginning. It had this Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast thing going and I was feeling it. Amar and Maya were getting used to each other and it was really sweet how she slowly feel in love with him. I even liked Gupta. He was a great side character in a setting where there was NO ONE. The world building was great. Magical. Mystical. Loved it. (World Building is what got this book 3 stars, BTW).
But the whole second half was WFT??? It was just random weirdness. I still don't understand how she just woke up with a horse trying to eat her. And what was with the elephant guarding the ocean to the Otherworld?? I just don't get it. I feel like I missed something. Or I've been reading books that may follow this formula called PLOT too much, but the second half of this book was just random. The last three chapters maybe were okay just because they were set back in the Otherworld and I got the character's motivations. But that whole middle part with Kamala (though I did enjoy her:) ) made no sense to me whatsoever.