Today God Wants You to Know. . .You are Blessed: Encouragement for Women - Rae Simons

Title: Today God Wants You to Know...You Are Blessed

Author: Rae Simons

Page Count: 192
Publisher: Barbour Books
My Format: e-book
Source: Netgalley

No Report Card for this one :)


I really enjoyed this book! Not just because it's Christian either, but because it's just a good, uplifting read. There seems to be a message for just about everything. Feeling down? There's a message for that. Feeling lost? There's a message for that. Losing faith? There's a message for that. 
The book itself is short but effective. It's easy to get through and doesn't require a lot of heavy reading. Still, it leaves an imprint. 
Recommend this for anyone having a hard time or just wanting a refresher on faith!