Tricky Twenty-Two - Janet Evanovich

Title: Tricky Twenty Two
Author: Janet Evanovich
Publisher: Bantam
My Format: Hardback
Source: Public Library
Page Count: 304


Report Card
Characters A-

Plot B+
Setting B
Overall A


All of our main characters are back! Stephanie, Lula, Morelli, Grandma, Ranger! (Team Ranger), Vinnie :/ We also met a few new people. My personal favorite was Pooka. He's crazy and I like it! Bubonic Plague for the win!

It was definitely a stretch. Evanovich seems to be running out of steam. Or at least, ideas. The first few books were realistic-ish. This one, not so much. But it was definitely FUN to read, at the very least. I wanted to know what would happen next. That's more than I can say for a lot of books I've read lately.

Same old 'burg. We did get to visit a college campus, which I felt was kind of a rip off because it felt stereotyped.

I've read some reviews totally panning this book. I get why. There are some inconsistencies with the writing. Little details that just aren't quite right. But if you can overlook these, then it's okay. It does feel like Evanovich is rehashing a lot of the same formula over and over. Yes, this plot was very different from all the others, but Morelli and Ranger still come to the rescue. And she always catches the bad guy. And Lula is always the sidekick ready to shoot everyone. So why did I give this an A for Overall? Because I still lived reading it. I laughed out loud a few times and honestly, it was just a fun distraction from every day life. That's what I read for. Distraction. This wasn't heavy. It wasn't the world hanging in the balance. It was just comedy. I enjoyed it fir what it is.