The Witch Must Burn - Danielle  Paige

Once again, I was disappointed by Danielle Paige.
She did it to me again.
Just when I was starting to get hooked, she went and ended the book!
I love the way her stories build up.
This one was told from Jellia's POV. I really like her as a character. She's not really MC material, but she rocks as a supporting character. 
I think it's super brave of her to "volunteer" to help the Wicked considering she really doesn't understand her own powers or how to use them if she needs to.
I think she's a very well-balanced character. She knows when to stand up for herself (with Nox) and when to keep her mouth shut (with Glinda). She's feisty but she's smart about it. I think a lot of other characters could do with some more of that.