The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle  Paige

Report Card
Characters- B
Character Development- B-
Plot- C
Setting- A
Writing- A-
Star Factor- A-
Overall Grade- B+


Amy is, of course, our protag. She's grown into quite a witch, but still no match for Dorothy. I think she made some bad calls. She trusts too easily. Also, her powers never seem to emerge at quite the right times here, as far as battles go. Sure, she can light up her fire balls. But while she's fighting Dorothy, she really could have used some of that wall-crushing strength she displayed about five minutes after she lost.
I think my favorite character here was Lulu She's new to the story and I really like her craziness. She's fun and spunky.

Character Development
The only two that showed any were Lulu, who went from totally bananas (haha) to actually showing a lot of motherly concern for Ozma. The other was Ozma herself. She's gradually becoming herself again. It's a slow process and one that keeps being interrupted. That makes me think that her return (to her senses and the throne) will be the big finale. She will be the one who finally defeats Dorothy, not Amy. I do suspect Amy will continue to play a huge part, however.

I felt like this one was a bunch of filler. They collected two of the items necessary to defeat Dorothy and had a battle at the end. Also, they rallied some troops in the monkeys, but not much was really accomplished beyond (view spoiler).

This is where I feel like the story's bright spot is. No matter where they are in Oz, you feel like you're there too. Whether they were in the trees with the monkeys or Glinda's magic tent or in rainbow land somewhere, there was always a sense of awareness of surroundings. I could choose any part of this story and tell you where the characters were.

It was good overall. There were no major issues or plot holes to deal with that I could find. As I said before, it felt like there was a lot of filler, but what was there, was well explained.