Sapphire Blue - Kerstin Gier

I really did like this book. I did.
However, there were a couple things that I could have done without. Here goes.
Going into a time travel book, you have expect a bit of confusion (if you haven't read many before, that is). I haven't. So when Gwen goes back to meet her grandfather and he starts talking about so and so going forward or backward, or backward that is really forward, and so on, I was a tad confused. Seriously, I drew a small timeline.
That said, this book really isn't that complicated. I know there are far more confusing books out there. I think I just need to wire my brain for out.
Another thing. As you all know, I love my ships. But Gideon bothers me. He's dragging both Charlotte and Gwen along, which is particularly cruel considering they already don't care for each other. Gwen has already taken, albeit accidentally, everything Charlotte has spent her life working for. And of course, Gwen is bitter that Charlotte is so perfect. Add bit trouble to all that and it's a disaster.
But I do love the suspense of this series. Who is the good guy? And the bad guy? What do all these riddles mean? Excited to find out. :)