Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier

Source: Checked out from public library
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Publication Date:
Page Count: 352
My Format: Hardback


Report Card:
Characters: A-
Character Development: B-
Plot: B
Setting: C
Star Factor: B
Overall Grade: B

First, Gwen , our protag. I really enjoy this character. She's fun and spunky and brave but doubts herself at times as well. She is ready for adventure, even if she doesn't quite know what she's getting herself into when she jumps in. There's some really funny internal dialogue with her character. I really love all the things she doesn't say. I think she has the potential to be a truly bad ass chick character.
I'm not sure where I stand with Gideon just yet. He definitely shows the most growth through the story, though it only takes place over the course of a couple days. He starts off as being very snobby and patronizing, but as he sees Gwen's value as a partner, mostly because she saved his life, he treats more as an equal. However, I'm not sure about their romance, because he also appears to be dating Charlotte , whom I cannot stand. She's bratty and self-absorbed. Of course, that makes sense given how much of her life she's spent being doted upon by everyone around her. Still, she didn't need to be such a bitch.
I really liked Lesley I think she makes a wonderful best friend, and helps Gwen a great deal even if she isn't present for most of the story. She's a super detective and I think she'll be quite valuable to Gwen as the story progresses.
I have to wonder who the real villains are in this story. I think it would be too easy if it were just Count Saint Germaine . He needs an accomplice or someone else entirely. Obviously he's a bad guy but is he the bad guy?

Character Development
In my own humble opinion, Gideon is really the only character who showed any growth over the course of the story. As mentioned above, he goes from being stuck up to being more than civil. I'm still worried about him being a player.

When dealing with something like time travel, the possibilities are kind of endless. Like literally. I felt like that aspect was very limited here. I understand that the premise of the story is about the mystery, but I think there could have been more done while they were actually jumping through time. There wasn't really enough there to properly set up the age. I think there's a great deal of mystery though, which is nice. Who's the good guy? Bad guy? What's the chronograph really do when it's finished? All good reasons to continue with the series.

I really don't think they were in any time long enough to set up the environment. I would have liked more details about their surroundings. Most of this was character based and discussed what people were wearing. What about the places themselves? How has time changed them?

I've never read anything like this before, so that's unique. Looking forward to more.