Spelled - Betsy Schow
Oh, goodness gracious, a lot happened in this book. I'm not even sure where to begin.

At first, I wasn't really sure what was going on, to be honest. It was clear this was some sort of Oz rewrite. However, Spelled also included characters from other stories and fairy tales as well, which kept the story fresh and interesting.
The setting was fun and ever-changing as the story continued. They went from The Emerald Kingdom to the land of the chimeras to a magic rainbow and back to the land of the chimeras. It was definitely a fun ride aka book vacation.
The characters were unique to the story as well as to each other. The trio of Dorthea, Kato, and Rexi complement each other well. Kato and Dorthea both vie for the leadership role, often taking turns. Where Kato does the stronger, brave thing, Dorthea often chooses to follow her gut as well as her feelings. Both turn out to be right a number of times and save each other. Bottom line: They're cute and I ship them even if they are polar opposites. :)

Rexi is another entity all of her own. She is sassy and never bites her tongue. She's spunky and I love her. I had trouble believing she could ever betray Dorthea, even if she isn't her biggest fan, and knew there had to be a good reason.

My favorite parts were of course, the sweet lines between Dorthea and Kato. They certainly weren't insta-love, which is definitely a good thing. I enjoyed watching them evolve.
It started with Kato saying, "I can't decide if the storymakers are brilliant or mad as hares for bringing us together as partners."
and Dorthea saying, "There's no triangle, circle, or any other shape. One thinks he loves me as a replacement for someone else I happen to remind him of [this would be the Wizard of Is]. The other needs me but doesn't even like me."
It ended with, "I want to be human. I don't care about the cost. She's worth it." and "I need to be with you. I would rather blow up than live a lifetime without being able to kiss you. It may be unreasonable but I won't settle for anything less." - Kato.

I wondered about these mysterious Storymakers as well. It reminded me a great deal of Once Upon a Time. Rip off? I'm still not sure.

Dorthea matures so much over the course of this story. She begins the tale as a shallow, spoiled princess who thinks of no one but herself. I really can't blame Rexi for not liking her. By the end, though, she's willing to sacrifice her happiness for the betterment of her kingdom and her friends.

Other wonderful lines:
"There ain't no solving stupid." - Hydra
"You know what this trip needs?"- Rexi "One less member?"- Kato
"Say no more. I was a hatchling once myself. True love is like a stalactite meeting a stalagmite. Complete opposites, but with time, calcium, and a healthy drip system, they meet in the middle. Or one crushes the other. It really depends." - Bob