The Jewel - Amy Ewing

The way The Jewel ended left me needing answers!
Lets' start with the plot here. First off, let me say that this whole surrogacy thing is complete bullshit. It's simply unfair. Take these poor girls out of their homes as soon as they hit puberty, force them to live a what amounts to safe houses with complete strangers, then let rich people bid on them so carry their child only to die once they do !


Of course, if this didn't happen, we wouldn't have a story so...moving right along.

The most heart-breaking part of this book for me is Raven. She was so spirited in the beginning. She had spunk and character. I hated to read what was happening to her. But that motivates our heroine Violet.

Speaking of our damsel in distress, I do't know how much I really cared for her.
She plays the cello, which is different, I guess. But considering this story is first person, I sort of needed more out of her character. I just expected her to have more gumption. I wanted her to really stand up to the Duchess. But she never really did. Of course, this is a planned series, so anything can happen. I can also understand why her character could come off as submissive. It was ingrained in her that she lived for the purpose of producing a child for royalty. Still, she knows that it's wrong.
Then she knows that there opportunity for escape, but she risks it all for Ash. And don't for a minute think I believed that "romance". Even I don't ship it.
I would call it insta-love, but that would imply there's actual love there. For me, they were sort of a couple of convenience. Violet was the first female that Ash could talk to being himself, not for his job. Violet didn't have to be afraid of being herself with him because he was property too. It makes sense that they would bond quickly, but I don't think it was out of love. They were both just lonely.
And yet, she goes to him wanting to have sex, even after he tells her no, knowing that her sole purpose for working as a surrogate is to carry the child of the Duchess and if he gets her pregnant, they will both be executed. Really? Worth it?

And that bitchy Carnelian is just horrible. I mean, what reason did her character actually have? I'm going to say she was there as an excuse to have Ash around (I mean, the author pretty much established that much) and to catch them in the end. She really contributed nothing substantial. Ash could have just as easily been the Duchess' consort and called it done. As far as useless characters go, she's it.

So why did I even give this story three stars, you ask.
Well, because I want to know what happens next. In fact, the whole time I was reading, I wanted to know. It kept my interest, that's why.