About a Girl: A Novel - Sarah McCarry
I was going great with this book until the end happened. I mean, seriously, what was that?
Up until then... I'd really enjoyed the journey that Tally went on. She was in search of her father, but really, I think she found a lot more than that.
Her character reminds me a great deal of Don from The Rosie Project which I just read, so he was fresh in my mind, I guess. She has a very analytically-focused mind, which suits her interests well. Or perhaps they're her interested because of her mindset. Regardless, I think she'd make a great physicist or star-gazer or whatever she ends up being.
I liked her relationship with Maddy in the sense that it was raw and unplanned. Maddy wasn't some crush she'd been pining over like Shane was. It was new and refreshing.