Southern Fried Wiccan - S.P. Sipal
I gave this book one star because I couldn't give it zero. It was just bad. There is not a single thing I enjoyed about it. Nothing.
Cilla is a brat. She is shallow and spoiled.
Everything about this book is a stereotype. Cilla makes a point of labeling people upon meeting them. The actual story of a city girl moving to a small town is cliche. The mean girl being friends with the new girl is cliche. How they portrayed Wiccans as a bunch of women finding their inner goddess in the woods and rejecting the rest of society is cliche.
So why did I finish it, you ask. Because it was 160 pages, and I refuse to let a book less than 200 pages defeat me.
That said, perhaps I should've forfeited on this one.
Netgalley is going to hear about this.