Reunion (Mediator Series #3) - Meg Cabot
I knew something was up with that Michael kid as soon as he was introduced. Knew it!
However, I didn't realize he was just killing people off all willy-nilly. I mean, seriously. I get wanting revenge on the people you think is responsible for nearly killing your sister and leaving her comatose, but to just go off and cut brake lines on whoever pisses you off. That's a bit much. Crazy pants!

And I can't get over how shallow Suze is. I really like her character, but she is so concerned with looks, she doesn't see people. She knew something was up with this guy, but she was so blinded by his abs that she just went along. Granted she did suspect him, but she still went on about his abs. Which, she was quick to mention, aren't nearly as defined as Jesse's.

Jesse is another thing altogether. She goes on about how he's the love of her life and whatever, yet all she talks about is how attractive he is. Makes me nuts.