Everbound - Brodi Ashton
I am frustrated. I am livid. I am pissed off.
And it's all your fault, Cole!
I was just starting to like you, Cole, and you have to go and do this. I can't believe he took her choice away from her like that! And he tricked her! Does he even care about her at all, because right now, I'm not seeing how he can and still do that to her. Poor Nikki. She never led him on. She made it obvious she didn't want him, and he has to do this anyway. Horrible.
Probably my favorite parts of this were the flashbacks with Nikki and Jack. They were so sweet, even before they were together. My favorite was probably the marshmallow bit. He waited for her! That's so sweet.
I think the Rings got a little repetitive after a while. They all pretty much did the same thing. Tried to destroy her tether to Jack. I get that. But it would have been nice if she's had to come up with different ways to defeat them.
I feel bad for Mrs. Jenkins. She screwed up with her own daughter and tried to make up for that with Nikki. She really was trying. But Cole and his stupid band had to go and kill her for no good reason!
We get to see more of the dynamic between Nikki and her father here. While he really hindered her plans in more than a few spots, you can tell he really is trying to do his best. I don't think there really is a good way to deal with your daughter leaving for months at a time then rambling about alternate universes.
That ending though. I'm going to be mad about that for a while.