The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa
Didn't care for this one as much as the first, but that's pretty standard for me. I never like the sequel as much.
The story didn't move along quite so well in this one and I felt like there was too much filler for my tastes. They didn't really need to be anywhere as long as they were.
We get a taste of life in Tir Na Nog, but Meghan was there too long. And I don't get why she didn't see what Ash was trying to do. I mean, did she expect him to display his love for her right in front of the very people who would love to torture for that reason alone? For her to just come out with it the way that she did was just plain stupid!
Then they went to Leanansidhe's, where they stayed too long. Again. That felt like the most filler for more. There was no reason for them to hang around. I was with Ironhorse, the whole way. STOP WASTING TIME!
Oh, and Ironhorse! I hate that he died and the way that he did. It was so sad! I think him calling Meghan his queen was kind of foreboding, like she'll end up being the queen of something. My guess is the Iron Court because of the powers she displayed taking the chip thing out of Ash.
And let me just say that had it been my parents that he'd frozen solid, whether he could control it or not, I'd be more worried about thawing them out than saving him!
That whole romance feels shallow to me. Ash just causes her more and more pain no matter what he does. With Puck, it could be so easy. They belong to the same court. He makes her laugh. They know each other so well. And they kissed! And she liked it. She couldn't tell Ash that she and Puck were just friends because she knew it wasn't true. So what's the problem. Is she just trying to make it harder for herself.

Let's see:
Winter Court
Sworn Enemy
Questionable loyalty
Barely know each other
Constantly hurting her (physically and emotionally)

Protected and watched over her for how many years?
Makes her feel better
Summer Court
Has known her for years
Always loyal
Never has to question his feelings

To me it's a pretty clear choice, but what do I know?