The Prince (The Selection, #0.5) - Kiera Cass
The Prince is a prequel to The Selection from Maxon's POV, which I like. There aren't many YA books like this from a male POV so that's new.
Even though this was 0.5 in the series, I kind of wish I'd read the first book before. I feel a little lost like I'm missing something. I pretty much caught on by 25% though. :)
I really like Maxon. For a prince, he's surprisingly modest and self-conscious. He's actually nervous that the girls vying for his affections won't like him. He's smart. Polite. Royal. Considerate. Pretty much perfect.

I really like that America challenges him. And better yet, he lets her. I think he needs that. He wants to know that the girl he picks isn't just sucking up to him for a crown. Too bad she doesn't really want him. I hope she changes her mind. They have good chemistry.