The One  - Kiera Cass
I'm not sure if I'm crying because I'm happy or because I'm sad or simply because it's over. Those last hundred pages were crazy though. Seriously...


Everyone who knows me, knows that I hate when a series ends. It doesn't really matter if I like it or love it or hate it. The thing is that I have invested so much time into reading a series that I get attached whether I like it or not. I did that here. I got attached to the characters.
The worst part though...



Some deaths I felt worse about that others. Oddly, I was sadder about Celeste than America's dad, which is odd. He was such an sweet dad (and a rebel, who knew?) and always supported her. He kind of reminded me of the dad in Pride & Prejudice. He was quiet and reserved, but voiced his opinion when it was needed. I can see how America got a lot of strength from him. But with Celeste... I don't know. She was so horrible in the beginning, but she kind of weaseled her way in. By the end, I was even kind of rooting for her over Kriss.

And oh, Kriss! I really wouldn't have minded her winning until I found out she was a rebel. And it's not the rebel part that really bothered me. It was her going on and on about loving Maxon when she was there to promote her own cause. Even that I wouldn't have minded except she was such a hypocrite about it. I do believe that she really cared about him, but she can't say that her motivations were entirely pure.

Kota was a jerk. How can you be "mourning" your father and only being concerned with the inheritance that you got? Insulting what he left you when it was all he had to give. Horrible.

I don't know how I feel with how that triangle ended. I think Aspen ending up with Lucy tied things up too easily. In the end she didn't even really need to make a choice.

Maxon let America get away with far too much. Seriously. She disrespected him at every turn and wouldn't comply to the simplest things for him. Neither one of them could make up their minds for the longest time all because of their own pride. It got old fast.

Still, I can't help but want to know more. I'm so glad that The Heir is coming out soon.