Ninth Key - Meg Cabot
First, let me say... Suze and Jesse

They're just too cute together. He's the grown up to her immature. He thinks things through while she jumps right in. They just mesh together and clash, but at the right times. I like it. He also shows concern for her, even when she's not showing concern for herself.

As for the end, well...
I wondered about Marcus from the moment he was introduced. He clearly had something to do with Mr. Beaumont besides just working for him. He was too concerned. And shifty. I just didn't care for him. However, I did not expect that he was the one killing people. And the way he was planning to kill both his nephew and Suze surprised me.

The part with David aka Doc was so sweet. I have to admit I had a few tears in my eyes. That was just too cute. I think that was a true bonding moment between him and Suze.

I really like the character of Dopey. He's probably the funniest part of this book, and I like the way he and Suze bicker. If she could have a real sibling relationship with any of her stepbrothers, it would be him. They really do act like they've been siblings their whole lives.

I'm ready for The Reunion