Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout
I really liked the novelty of this story. I've read about many supernatural creatures but never about extraterrestrial ones. The story held a pretty quick pace, which I like. There was definitely an air of mystery about Dee and Daemon from the beginning, and I'm glad that Katy didn't learn about them right away. She got clues along the way.
Danger was always present through the story for Katy from the Arum, and the attack early on made it very real.
I didn't feel all that connected to the characters, but I did like them fur the most part.
Katy is spunky and didn't let Daemon stop her from being friends with Dee or change who she was. She didn't cave to pressure from him, abd I like that in heroines.
I love Dee. She's the sort of friend who is always upbeat and ready to do anything. Plus she has cool alien abilities and who doesn't want that in their bestie?
Daemon is a jerk, but I get it. He wants to keep Katy at a distance for the good of his sister and friends. But he also stood up for her when she was right. I like that. I think his physical perfection went overboard though. I'd have liked him to have some flaw.
I hated that Ash had to be such a bitch. It annoys me when the ex girlfriend has no redeeming qualities. It's like the author doesn't want her MC to have any competition. She did soften a little at the end though and I really hope she and Katy become friends. They have similar attitudes and would keep each other in check.
I'm interested in learning more about the Arum. I think the threat could have been more intense. I was impressed when Katy saved Daemon, and I think it helped her price herself to the group, even if they don't fully accept her yet.
The story dirty of reminds me if Twilight.