Evertrue  - Brodi Ashton
This is not the ending that I either expected or wanted.
So going into this we already knew that Nikki and Jack were all about destroying the Enerneath. Which, personally, I think was stupid, but anyway.
Be warned: This review is one big long spoiler.
So, they accomplished it. They destroyed the Everneath. I hate it. Why? That's so predictable. I hate when MCs do exactly what they set out to do in the way they planned. Exactly. I kept waiting for Nikki to change her mind. Maybe even go for Cole. Let it be known that I was NOT shipping them and what he did, stealing her heart ((LITERALLY)) was wrong. Still, I wanted to switch it up. She and Jack were just too predictable. And Cole died for her. He gave up all his goals and eternity of immorality so that she could be human and waste away to nothing. Boo.
Cole was just one of those characters that I couldn't imagine not existing. He may not have gotten what he wanted, but I imagined him moving on and finding another queen. It would be bittersweet but he'd check up on her when she was old and gray and be wistful. But no. He died. Snapped his guitar pick aka heart in half. And just when I was starting to have some sympathy for him. Of course, that's mostly because he lost his memory and pretty much became a different person (or his real self).

I really wasn't feeling Jack and Nikki here. I don't know why. I think it's because it was too intense, if that makes sense. They went from high school could where she couldn't trust him for a getaway with friends to willing to die for each other.
But I have to give this book points for world-building. The Everneath is unlike anything I've ever read.