Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris
I loved this book! Or books, I should say, because it really felt as if there were two completely different books in this one binding.
First, there was the story of Sookie and Bill in Dallas. I really did enjoy this portion of the story because there was more action than the other story. I was legit worried about Sookie down there with that Gabe guy. How horrible! And he called himself a Christian. It was awful. I kept waiting for Bill to come save her, but she ended up nearly saving herself which I thought was great.
Then Godfrey saved her. I remember him being Erik's maker in the show, but I guess that was their doing?
I hope there's more about the Fellowship of the Sun and I hope Sookie kicks all their asses!

Then the other story about poor LaFayette. I really enjoyed his character throughout the show series and I was surprised when he died within the first few pages.
I think taking Erik to the Sex Club, or whatever it was, was brilliant and hilarious. I wish I could actually see him all dressed up like that in spandex. Ha!
By the end of the book, even after the make-up sex (and what make-up sex it was) I still like Erik more than Bill. I've never liked him.