The Kill Order - James Dashner
This was kind of a letdown for me. I have read so many great reviews for the Maze Runner series, and I thought, hey, I'll start with the prequel. That makes sense, right? Wrong.
I felt like I was just dropped into this with no back story. Of course, this is the back story.
Anyway, I really wanted to know how the world came to be this way from the beginning.
I really liked how the group dynamic was going, but after they found DeeDee and were separated, they lost that. I grew to like Alec more than Mark. I just felt like he had more personality. Mark was a an a-typical hero. Going to find his friends. Not giving up. All that. But Alec never had any aspirations to be a hero. He was realistic. He did go back for Lana but he didn't waste time on people when he knew that they were hopeless.
I don't think we got enough of the girls to really form an opinion. Trina was more prominent, but then the story was more focused on her relationship with Mark. She definitely stood up for her ideas, like with DeeDee.
Poor kid. She just got ditched. But considering the people she came from, she was probably better off being left before they could burn her alive or something as a sacrifice.
This story was so ADHD to me. There was constant action. Like constant . I don't like that. I like a little down time. There were some moments on the Berg where they weren't fighting people off, but it was short. It went from place to place to place. My brain just couldn't keep up. Or didn't want to.
I'm not big on action/adventure books, but I like dystopian, so I thought I would give this one a shot.