The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
I really don't know how this book is rated as highly as it is.
I get that it's a coming-of-age story and all that, and that those usually don't include a ton of action or anything. It's supposed to be simply a tale of a guy growing up.
I can accept it for what it is. That's why it got 2 stars.
However, I don't think Charlie did much but whine here. Everything is a complaint. Sure he made a couple friends, Sam the Unattainable and Patrick the Miserable. There was nothing here that backed his final claim of "I'm going to be alright". He complained and whined and fought. Then at the end, "Oh, sure, I'm gonna be okay." Whatever.
There was more sex than I'd anticipated, but it wasn't anything special. Just a bunch of teenagers. There really was no point to it other than him learning about sex and masturbation, which he actually explained.
I think this would have been a good book for a teenage boy to read. There was definitely some adversity overcome, especially for Patrick. But as an adult female, I don't think I got much out of it.