Feeding Frenzy - Michael P. Spradlin
This was a fairly quick read, and by fairly quick, I mean, I read it in, like, an hour. Partly because it's pretty short and partly because I really like the way the suspense builds up, even if it is pre-teen-targeted.
Really wish I'd have read the first in the series before this, because I can tell I'm missing some stuff, but after waiting three months at the library, I gave up.
Good thing it was too hard to keep up with.
This Dr. Catalyst guy is pretty much crazy. I get the whole 'Save the environment' thing. I do. And it's honorable. But making new predators and attacking anything that gets in his way is a bit too far. Just a little. lol
Things killer fish things he made, Muraecudas, yeah, they're pretty scary.
Emmett and Calvin are great together. Emmett makes too many jokes and Calvin takes everything too seriously. Emmett is a risk taker and Calvin over-thinks. They work well together.
I think they're parents, Emmett's dad and Calvin's mom are cute together. Not cute enough to 'ship it, but still cute.
I really want to know who this Dr. Catalyst is. I have a feeling that it isn't Dr. Newton. That would be too convenient. And I bet, that if they do reveal his identity at the end, they want it to be a twist. Looking forward to that.
Overall, really liked this book. It's aimed for ages 11+ but I still found it enjoyable, even if Dr. Catalyst did take a dog hostage (kind of lame, but more kid friendly.)