Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins, Dina Begum
I really liked this book. At first I thought it would be this horrendous Twilight-Harry Potter mash-up, but it definitely was its own story.
I really like our protag, Sophie. She's sassy and independent, two of my favorite traits in my female leads. She was always upfront and honest and never hid her feelings.
Her parents dumped a lot on her when she began to show her potential as a witch, and I think she did the best she could considering she inherited the trait from her father and he wasn't around.
Probably they should have mentioned that he's the head of the council, but whatever. Details, right?
There's a lot of mystery in this story. In some ways it's a who-done-it. I like that. I never would have suspected Archer. Especially not as a member of the Eye
I really like Jenna. She's spunky and I love a girl who loves pink as much as I do!
I can see a triangle forming between Cal-Sophie-Archer already, even if Archer is a traitor! I'm shipping Sophie and Cal for the win. They haven't had a lot of interaction, but I just like him more.
I love the demon aspect of this story. I never saw that coming. I knew she was stupid to trust Alice . There was clearly something wrong with her.
I'm looking forward to the next book!