Demonglass  - Rachel Hawkins
Why don't you want Cal, Sophie, why? He is so superior to Archer in every way. And if you hadn't been caught with Archer, then all this trouble could been avoided. Everyone warned you, but you had to go and be stupid anyway!


Horrible. Stupid. Dumb. You're just dumb, Sophie. Why didn't you go to your father with this information about the demon-raising? Instead you go with the person that will get you into the most trouble. And him in trouble. And your father into trouble. And everyone else sent off. You're an idiot.

And Cal is so perfect. Fine, you don't want him? I'll take him. New book boyfriend, right here.

You irritate me.

And then there's that whole issue with the Casnoff sisters. Evil, right there. Normally, I'm pretty good at rooting out the bad guys, but Lara had me fooled. I thought maybe she had a crush on Sophie's dad. Well, not so much. That was a good twist.

But poor Cal. Sophie just lets him run straight into danger to save Archer at the end. :(