Club Dead - Charlaine Harris
Let me just tell you, after reading this I am so Team Eric, it's ridiculous. Screw you, Bill Compton!
I am outraged for Sookie, on her behalf, mostly because she doesn't have the sense to be adequately outraged for herself apparently.
Bill ditched her, simple as that. He went running off to do the queen's bidding, leaving Sookie, not only worried about his well-being, but at the mercy of whatever vampire decides he wants to claim her. Absolutely ridiculous! Then she drops everything to go save his ass and how does he repay her? By nearly draining her dry and raping her in the trunk. Horrid!
Beyond that, I really just didn't care for the story so much here. I just didn't. I felt like it just didn't have the same umph the first two had. I didn't really feel the threat until the second half of the book, unlike the others.
Honestly, I'd rather face Russell Edgington than Debbie Pelt. Also, I don't like how they changed her for the show. In both, she comes off as a bitchy slut who used poor Alcide then tries to make Sookie miserable for even knowing him. But in the book, she actually has an education and a real job, unlike the show where she's just a strung out V junkie.
I don't really care either way for the introduction of the werewolves. (There were a couple in the last book, but not enough to learn anything about their lifestyle or anything, really.) It was nice to add in yet another Supe, but I didn't think they got a real fair representation. Basically, Alcide was the only decent one out of the bunch. Otherwise they come off as violent and willing to do anything for money.
This story in general just bored me. I really didn't care whether or not they got Bill back. After learning that he ran off with Lorena, I just didn't like him.