We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han
We'll Always Have Summer is so infinitely better that The Summer I Turned Pretty . Granted, Belly did whine a great deal here Of course, the guy she thought loved her more than anyone else in the world also cheated on her during their one week break . But then a couple days days, she agrees to marry him! How stupid. Anyway, the story moved along.
For me, it's a pretty clear sign that you shouldn't be with one brother, when you go to the other for all the wedding planning help. She belongs with Conrad. That's so clear.
What gets me is that they all knew it. All of them. Even Jeremiah. Even Conrad. Even Belly. Why put everyone through all that stress, knowing that it wasn't right.
I have to admit, there was a small part of me that wanted Jeremiah and Belly to get married just to prove to everyone that they could. It irks me when people say that just because you're young, you shouldn't marry. Of course, them backing out proved their point. Her mother was just super annoying about it. I understand. As a mother, I'd hate for my child to make that kind of mistake. But you also have to let your children make mistakes and let them figure things out on their own.
I'm glad she ended up with Conrad. He really broke my heart by the end.