Chosen - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast
This was okay, just like the last one.
However, by the end of this one I was pretty angry at just about everyone. I understand why Zoey had to keep so many secrets, even when they were piling up. She had to. She just couldn't trust anyone with knowledge that Neferet could use against her. I get that. I do. That doesn't even bother me.
What did bother me the entire book about her was how hypocritical she was about things.
First, back to the "ho" thing. She is juggling three different guys again but still rattles on about how other girls are hoes. Whatever.
Then she finds Stevie Rae eating a homeless person and tells her to stop, not to help the person she's killing, but because the person is dirty and "might have lice". Priorities?
Then there are a couple times when she's judging other people by appearance. For example, when she talks about "freaky goths in trench coats." Hello! She doesn't want anyone stereotyping vampyres because of their tattoos.
Truthfully, I liked Aphrodite more than Zoey in this one.
Her friends annoyed me too. Damien couldn't be more of a gay stereotype if he tried. I mean, the word gay was thrown out there like, 20 times in 3 pages. It got old. It's not that I have any issues with gay people, but we established his homosexuality in the first book, then again in the second. We don't have to reiterate that everyone else is hetero, so why do we have to keep saying he's gay? It just annoyed me. And the "Twin" thing. It just got old. It's like she keeps giving us the same information in each book like she's introducing the characters all over again. Move it along, Cast!
Neferet is of course, the villain. However, I was surprised at what she did to Loren. Didn't see that one coming. Oh, well. One less boyfriend for Zoey to juggle.