Night of the Giant Everything - R.L. Stine
In the wondrous world of Goosebumps, this one falls flat. Maybe it's because Hall of Horrors was after my time. I don't know. But give me The Barking Ghost any day.
This story moved along really quickly. There really wasn't all that much to it. I know I shouldn't expect too much mystery here. I mean, it's Goosebumps. But still, this did not live up to its predecessors.
And it wasn't all that scary. Again, this is Goosebumps, but still, this was more funny than anything else. I have to say, if I were shrunk, the last thing I would want to run into would be a spider. Birds, boots, everything else would be scary. But spiders terrify me. And when he described its legs clicking across the floor, I wanted to puke. That was the single only part of this story that bugged me. (No pun intended) :)