Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood - Ann Brashares
These girls, all four of them, pissed me off at some point in this book.
First, Bee. Why can't she do anything but think about the opposite sex?! Seriously. She has this wonderful opportunity to visit foreign lands and do excavations, which admittedly she threw herself into, but she also threw herself at her married with children co-excavator. She already has one boyfriend whom she's having issues with but she adds this too. Why is she always looking for boy trouble.
Boy trouble, as you'll find, it a big theme here.
Tibby. I pretty much hated her in this book. She was way harsh with Brian when he's just trying to do the right thing. He didn't rape her. He didn't force her to do anything. He repeatedly told her that he was willing to wait. But first hint of a pregnancy scare and she cuts him out and blames everything on him. Then gets all huffy when another girl wants him.
Lena just can't make up her mind. Again, she has this great opportunity and she spends it focused on a boy. At least Leo is unattached. But she is taking this art class, which she really needs to work on, because even she says her work is slipping, but instead she's all about Leo. Wastes time she could have spent on her art with him just to decide she's still in love with Kostos.
Then there's Carmen, who is my favorite in this story. Sure, she has some self-esteem issues, but overall, she is the only one who really accomplished something without having to have male approval or attention.