Allies of the Night - Darren Shan
Another quick Darren Shan book.
There was action here, as there usually is, but this one also included a little side romance for Darren. I feel bad for Debbie. For Darren disappears for 13 years, then reappears as her student. He lies to her and tells her that he has some aging disorder then her neighbors are killers then her students then he finally tells her truth just for her to be taken by R.J. Of course, she did sort of ask for it. Literally, she knew the risk when she went into the tunnels. Honestly, she was so dumb. How did she think she was going to stand a chance?
I wasn't surprised to learn about Steve. I didn't trust him from the beginning. And why would he want to help Darren. Short answer... he wouldn't. He was evil. Everyone tried to tell Darren, but he wouldn't listen. He wants to trust everyone. I really hope he learned a lesson here.