Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard
Okay, first off, why do any of these girls miss Alison? I get that she made them feel special WHEN SHE WANTED TO but when she didn't, she just made them feel bad about themselves.
After finishing the book, the girl I truly felt sorry for the most was Hanna, whom I hated while I was reading. She came off as incredibly shallow and spoiled, which she was in so many ways. She made herself the new Alison. However, she had to puke whenever she ate too feel pretty. And steal and crash cars to get her mother's attention. Then what did her mother do? It certainly wasn't sir down with her daughter to figure out the problem. It was do whatever she had to, including sleep with a cop to avoid her daughter's problems. Her father sucked too. I can understand why Hanna resented him so much. He ditched her plain and simple. I think she'll be my favorite through the series if first impressions are any indication.
I think Aria was just plain dumb, as was Ezra. He should have avoided her at all costs when he saw her in class. Instead he invites her to his apartment! Aria brought the drama with A on herself. I get that she is worried about her mom finding out about the affair, but that didn't fall on her. It wasn't her fault.
Emily and Spencer sort of ran together for me in the beginning. They are both super competitive abd want to achieve a lot to please their families, who aren't really fair to the girls.
I think Emily should be honest about her feelings for Maya, but that's easy to say when it's not you. I can understand her hesitation, especially when she isn't sure about her feelings yet herself. Ben was a dick about finding out too. I hope Maya doesn't go back to cutting herself. She seems like a nice person
Spencer felt to me like she was OCD must the time trying to organize everything all the time. Her parents put too much pressure in her. It may not be nice, but I'm glad her sister saw her kissing Wren. I didn't care for Melissa at all. It makes sense that her parents were disappointed but they never saw from her perspective constantly being compared to Melissa
I'm eager to see what happens in this series. I can tell the suspense is going to build and I want to know who A is.