Flawless - Sara Shepard
Ever hear that quote, "And the plot thickens" Of course, you have. You know what it's about? This series.
Everything in this book is pretty much a continuation of Pretty Little Liars Naturally. I mean, it is the sequel. The thing is, we really don't get anything new, per se. The girls are still dealing with the same issues as before.
Normally, that would bother me, but it doesn't here because the problems, not evolve, exactly, but do continue to develop. For example, Aria's dad is still having the affair, but Aria does confront Meredith. I really liked that she did it too, and how. She was actually very mature about it, for a teenage girl who is very emotional about the situation. I think Meredith's response was really bitchy. She didn't even try to sympathize with Aria, whose family she's tearing apart (along with Byron, of course).
I don't think Emily's story really went anywhere. She did have that big shocker with Toby, who turned out to have a really big secret of his own but she's right back to where she started with Maya and her mother.
My personal fav, Hanna, had a lot going on in this book with her father. I think her parents suck. I already knew that but I really thought her father was going make an effort with her there for a minute. I can understand why she's so distraught over the whole Kate thing. Kate is a horrible, conniving bitch. She already has Hanna's father to herself 99% of the time. Did she really have to make her look bad? I hope Hanna is able to get even with her somehow.
Spencer just keeps getting herself in deeper and deeper and it's her own fault. I don't think there's anything that's happened so far with her that wasn't completely within her control. I really don't think it was that harsh of her parents to cancel her credit cards. My parents never even gave me one, so I think she's coming off quite spoiled.
The biggest shocker by far was Toby. It's showing that A isn't just going after those four girls, but branching out. What he did to Jenna was terrible, but I'm sad he's dead.