Rest In Peace - Richie Tankersley Cusick
Again, I'm sort of at a loss of what to say.
There's just more questions than answers here.
The story continues right where it left off in book one. I feel bad for Lucy because all these terrible things are happening to her but no one really believes her and the only person who could help her is "dead". I'm not too sure Byron is completely gone. Just a feeling.
It's awfully convenient that the one other person who wants to befriend Lucy just happens to have a passion for all things supernatural, so if she did decide to tell her about all her craziness, Dakota wouldn't judge her too harshly.
I think it's odd that Irene keeps leaving Lucy home alone all the time. After what happened to/with Angela, it seems that she would want to make sure that Lucy didn't go missing in the middle of the night or something. Besides, Lucy is having trouble coping with Byron's death, not to mention all the physical injuries she got during the accident. Why on earth would she leave her alone after that?
Now at the very end, we have the addition of Byron's brother whom I'm going to guess is going to give us more questions that answers because that just seems to be how this series is going.