The Perfectionists - Sara Shepard
I can't help but compare this to Pretty Little Liars (just like everyone else).
It sort of felt like the same series only different names.
They're both about a group of girls with a common secret and lots of personal issues and one big secret about a recently deceased peer who had secrets about all of them.
The girls themselves are pretty similar as well.
Obviously, fairly wealthy girls. One who is athletic. One who has the attention of a teacher. One who has issues at home.
I think the difference is that these girls didn't bring on all their problems themselves.
Well, except for the whole kill Nolan plan, but they didn't actually do it. They should never have gone up to his room and they would have been home free.
I think the police treated them so unfairly, especially considering they have PHYSICAL PROOF that he is having some of affair with multiple students. I mean, it doesn't get much clearer than that.
But then their one lead has to go and die.
Of course, I don't feel bad for either of the murdered parties. They were both douches.
I think Nolan may have grown out of it, because he was just a kid. Albeit, a spoiled bully of a kid. But Mr. Granger was just a dirty perv.
Looking forward to the next book.