Bloodlust - Alex Duval
Something that bugged me about this book: there was no mention of vampires until page 116. That wouldn't be a big deal except the book only had 196 pages. Even then, it was just speculation with nothing confirmed for another 50 pages. But whatever.
I think what this book was about was establishing the characters for the rest of the series. Since it didn't focus on the vampire aspect, we get to know them as people, as well as Jason and some Dani.
Our human characters are pretty standard. Dani comes off as spoiled from page one and that annoys me. It's one of the things that really keep me from liking a character or really even caring whether they make it or not (and considering the end, I think there will be some danger later on).
Jason has more substance, but then the story focused more on him. Still, he's a pretty typical guy. Wants to do well on the swim team and checks out every girl he meets, which also annoys me. It's like as soon as he meets them, he's evaluating whether or not he would date them.
I have mixed feelings about the actual vampires, because they're so different personality-wise, which I like. Sienna is my favorite. She's super gorgeous but not shallow. She's kind of the princess of the school but she's nice to everyone.
I think Jason is going to have issues with Van Dyke and Brad. They just come off as really big and kind of aggressive.
I'm interested in the rest of the series.