Chasing Light - Angela Jooste

Source: Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Publisher: Maverick's e-press

Publication Date: December 15, 2014

(My) Format: Kindle e-book

Page Count: 180













Whenever I get a book from the author, I want to like it. I hate telling someone that I don't like their book, but I'm also too honest to sugarcoat, so here we go.
All I can think about this book is, I just don't care.
I don't care about the plot. I don't care about the setting. Mostly, though, I don't care about the characters.
Now anyone who has read any of my reviews knows, I am all about the characters. Characters I love. Characters I hate. Just make me feel something for them.
I just don't feel anything here.
Gabe. Jake. Luce. Any of them. Nothing.
I'm glad that Gabe and Luce reconciled, but I could have told you that would happen just from the description. Jake got his art exhibit. But he was offered that from the beginning. I just felt that there was nothing to the story.
There was a lot of backstory about Julian, which was okay. In fact, he was probably the most interesting of the characters because of his, I don't know, depression? mania? But he was dead. Or at least missing. Honestly, he may have just taken off because he was tired of all these boring people.
There were snippets of story here and there like Julian's parents that were interesting, or had the potential to be, but they were only a few pages.
I wish I could say that I liked this more. :