Twilight (Mediator Series #6) - Meg Cabot

I cannot even contain my happy that Jesse is alive! Like actually alive!
I get what Paul was trying to do. I think he's douche for trying to do it, but I get it.
And OMG, that ending.

Jesse actually jumped through the wall of flames for Suze. 
But oh, 
Still, there were things lacking in this book that I was wanting to get to. My first was Suze actually accepting her stepbrothers and Andy as part of her family. There were many times when she pointed out that David or Dopey or Sleepy had referred to her mother as "mom". I thought maybe that would be addressed.
And I wanted to know more about Father D's ghost girlfriend. I was hoping he may go into that a little, just so we could get to know his past a little better.
Oh, well. I'm still pretty satisfied.