Tunnels of Blood - Darren Shan

I absolutely love how action-packed this series is. There is always something happening, but it never feels overwhelming.
Darren got his first kiss and girlfriend.

I really like Debbie as a character. There are many girls that age (or any age, really) that would not have reacted that well to Evra, especially. She took it in stride and even stuck up for him when she thought Darren was teasing him. I really hope we see more of her at some point in the series, even if he does have to leave the city for now.
I've learned to appreciate Mr. Crepsley and his own brand of humor. He isn't the bully that I'd thought him to be earlier, forcing Darren into a life he didn't want (even if he did bring it on himself). I think he's actually coming to respect Darren.
We get to know Evra a lot more. He's sort of the (not really) funny sidekick to Darren. He puts things in perspective and makes sure that Darren doesn't do anything too dumb.
I really enjoyed the plot in this one. There were times when I did wonder if Mr. Crepsley was the murderer, but I knew that if he was, it was for a good reason. He may want to feed on humans, but I couldn't see him senselessly killing them.
Murlough was definitely a character.

The thing about his crazy is that it's the kind where he thinks he can justify it, and that's even worse. I'd much rather have the rocking-in-a-corner kind of crazy.
He does make me curious about the Vampaneze, though and I expect to see more of them in the series.