Killer Instinct - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Title: Killer Instincts
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Series: The Naturals (2)
Format: Hardback
Source: CHS


So over the trope of the new girl showing up and being so special that the guys just have to fawn over her because she's just too precious. Seriously. It's like they have to prove their masculinity by always fighting over and protecting her. Let her get herself out the trouble that she gets herself into. Cassie is a big girl. Yet Michael and Dean act like she is completely unable to handle the real world. Granted both of them, along with Lia and probably Sloane too, have seen more, but she has been through plenty. Even in just the first book. She can take it. And if she can get herself into these scrapes then surely she can claw her way back out.




The mystery of the book was fantastic. Okay, so I guessed that Clark and Christopher were the killers, that's true, but I did not have any clue that there would be a third killer. That threw me. Also, I love that Lia is honest enough (haha) to tell Cassie about her problems when everyone else is handling her with kid gloves. She gets in her face and straightens out whatever misgiving Cassie has. Honestly, it makes Cassie tolerable. I hate the female protag who can do no wrong and is all fragile while every male rushes to her rescue. Oh, and Cassie finally choosing  Dean yay!