Perfect (Pretty Little Liars, Book 3) - Sara Shepard

Source: Received this free ebook copy from group moderators on Goodreads

Publisher: HarperTeen

Publication Date: Sept. 1, 2007

(My) Format: Kindle ebook

Pages Count: 298


The Setting: Of course, the same as the previous books. However, I think we get a better look at how A has affected the community. We learned before that s/he'd been harassing Toby as well as the girls, but here, more people are becoming involved. The entire school is aware of Emily's sexuality. Ezra was arrested, which is also going to affect the school. A is bringing everyone into her web.

The Characters: Of course, the characters are the primary focus of the story as they have been. Definitely character-driven, as opposed to plot. Considering the plot is based pretty much exclusively on these girls' actions, rather than outside forces, they control what happens.
Hanna is losing ground as my fav character. I'm just so tired of her repetitive bitchiness. For example, when everyone else has dumped her, Lucas takes her out in a hot air balloon, an experience she's never had before, trusts him with her secrets, something she couldn't even do with Mona, and generally takes care of her at her lowest, but she ditches him as soon as there's a party on the horizon.
I feel bad for Aria, even though her relationship with Ezra is completely thoughtless. She couldn't have predicted that Sean would call the police, but it was inevitable that they would get caught. I think it was horrible, though, the way that she treated Sean, considering he was kind enough to let her stay with him.
What's with these girls treating guys horribly?
Spencer had a perfectly nice date in Andrew, yet she ruins it with her phone call to Wren, when he'd been avoiding her. Then she steals her sister's paper and rather than just 'fess up, she proceeds to let her teacher nominate her for the Orchid Award. Doesn't it make more sense to face your parents and sister and the wrath of your teacher than let your embarrassment spread nationwide?
Honestly, I can see where her sister was so mad at her. She stole her work and was willing to ride it out and get all sorts of glory from it.
Stupid girls.
Emily is the only one who tries to keep her relationship, yet her parents disapprove in a drastic way. Sending her off is completely over the top. And to gay camp? Are you serious? Of course, it didn't work.


The Plot: Everything is taken up a notch here. A is outing everyone for everything. But again, these girls are bringing it on themselves. Hey, I'm all about saying, Screw you, A! I'll do what I want. But don't be all surprised when you get caught doing things you have no business doing. When are they going to learn that???
I can't wait to find out what's next? Who hit Hanna with the car? And what's Spencer's real part in all this? Is she the one who Hanna thinks is A?