Paper Towns - John Green
Eh. It did not live up to my expectations. I guess I wanted more than this. It felt like a lot of filler in the middle. They kept going on and on about that minimall. Move along here. Nothing to see.
I think the best part was when Margo took Quentin along on her revenge plans. It felt like there was more action in the first hundred pages than the rest of the book combined.
Margo was in fact, just very selfish. But honestly, I wish I were more like her. Adventurous and mysterious. I wish I could drop everything and just go on a road trip to wherever I felt like. However, I wish there had been more of a point to all of it. I thought at the end, even if she had died, there would have been some sort of message.
It just felt anti-climatic to me. They went on that big search for her, trying to beat the clock to get to New York in time, and she was just sitting there, writing in a dirty corner.
I thought she'd be doing something more exciting. Or at least doing something. Let down.