It Begins (The Unseen, Part 1) - Richie Tankersley Cusick
Well, that was odd. I'm not even sure what to think about it.
It Begins starts off really quickly. Right from the first page there is suspense and mystery. As soon as Lucy hits that grave on page 2, there is some other presence around her. Maybe a ghost. Maybe a vision. I'm not sure. It doesn't really say yet, but I'm looking forward to finding that out.
Exactly what is Katherine now? Is Lucy seeing a vision? Her ghost? Her memories?
And what is this killer guy? He keeps saying that he has eternity and he's lived for hundreds of years, but what is he? Is he human and crazy? Obviously he's crazy.
And super creepy. That part where he's in her bedroom, just laying on her bed. Yeah, enough of that. And he blindfolds her randomly and kisses her? Ew.
But Lucy totally puts herself into these positions. I mean, why was she wandering in a graveyard during a storm to begin with? It's not like that's the one where her mother is buried. She just wals through it.
And why would she want to go to the festival when she knows that creepy things are going on? And walking around in the dark outside by herself to follow the smell that mysteriously comes up in her bedroom when no one else is around? She's just dumb.
I'm suspicious of Father Matt. He hasn't done anything and he may end up just being an innocent bystander, but there's just something about him.
Byron could go either way. I get why he's out to find this guy. He wants revenge for his sister. But really, for all we know, he is the killer. His family does have that whole supernatural thing going on.
The writing is very simple and super quick to get through. However, the mysteries are what are keeping me going.